Lesson Information

My “Studio for Piano” is located in a quiet shady neighborhood east of Gulf Breeze proper. Lessons are given on Steinway and Boston grand pianos, in a large spacious room of my home used only for that purpose.  Quality music instruction requires quality instruments as well as a calm, peaceful atmosphere to inspire creativity and the joy of musical expression.

Each year, I prepare a curriculum plan for each student. Lessons are one hour, and follow prepared lesson plans which are updated weekly. Special activities are included in the session to promote further understanding of new concepts, reinforce older material, expose students to great composers or musical styles, and prepare for performance events. Computer games and programs, a digital piano with recording capability, plus a library of printed and audio music are used.  The long lesson time allows flexibility when working with younger students’ short attention span and high activity level.  For advancing students, more time is needed for sessions on more involved repertoire and theory. Students are taught keyboard technical skills, which are the foundation for playing in any style. Creating an understanding of keyboard and written theory is included in curricula. Strong music reading skills are promoted. Up to date published piano method series are used at the Beginner through Intermediate level of study. Based on individual preference and progress, students may switch to repertoire when the time is appropriate.

Several times during the year, students attend Musicianship Classes together. These group sessions promote skills that musicians of any level should have. Friendships and positive peer pressure develop as students perform with and for each other. Students gain the confidence to prepare and perform in the many opportunities open to my students.

Parents receive printed information including a full annual calendar, and are kept up to date with new information and reminders through email.      For more information, please call   850 934 8351.

Thank you for visiting, and for considering my Studio for Piano!
~Stephanie Womble, NCTM